Afternoon delight

Leave it to veteran party gurus Tom and Diane Schoenith to throw a Valentine’s Day cocktail party at 12:30 in the afternoon in frigid weather and still have over 400 people show up.
“The idea was to have our guests arrive in cocktail attire, enjoy our event and then proceed with their evening plans, already dressed and in the mood to party,” Tom said.
But after partaking in the delights of Tom and Diane’s party — champagne, beer and wine bars, comfort food and Hot Damn and Apple Pie shots — most folks didn’t want or need any more party activity in their day. The bash also featured a big-band orchestra and door prizes, including a two-carat diamond ring.
In the house: former Detroit Mayor Roman Gribbs; Detroit Police Chief James Craig; society mavens Carol Minowitz, Maggie Allesee and Rosemary Bannon; Motown singer MarthaReeves; and lead guitarist Jason Krause from Kid Rock’s Twisted Brown Trucker Band.

by Chuck Bennett
As seen in The Detroit News February 19, 2015


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