Don’t be Good; Be Great

By Paige Blessman

This is more than a fashion statement. But a revolution. A call to action.  Greatness The One (GTO) will be the spark that enlightens youth and inspires them to reach their individual peaks of power. Founder Grant “Greatness” Henderson, 21-year young entrepreneur, is passionate about the betterment of the world around him and seeks to create change within his generation and community.  

He believes with so much of every day’s obstacles, that youths need something to believe in to be motivated --  for life itself. GTO’s objective is to spread that positivity and initiate a cultural and generational shift to be Great and not afraid to fail. All about hard work and focus.  

Through fashion, design and products young people will identify with that mission.   

Henderson aims to expand his collection to offer diverse products, and coordinate youth projects. He has big tasks at hand, being a full-time student and working, yet still stays dedicated to Greatness The One.  

And, to assist him, just last Thursday Henderson created a Kickstarter campaign to introduce the brand further, gain supporters and seek financial assistance. This campaign promotes the productivity and vision for GTO by generating the funds necessary to purchase an in-house production system, and essential garments to push the revolution to its peak.  

In five days GTO raised over $3,700 and was featured on Kickstarters popular page. The campaign is currently running until August 15th, with a goal of $6,500. Don’t be good, be Great!  And look Great! Any contribution will help ignite the spark.







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